Art by me

I’m always afraid to create paintings like these. No “sure” lines. I can only rely on perspective. “Where’s the focal point?” Sometimes, science. “How would this ray of light refract in real life?”

In this 1 hour-piece, the first 20 minutes look decisively hopeless. Every time. It comes together in the last 10 minutes. Giving up is always on the table. It always provides a sound argument.

But I’ve done this before. A lot of times. And every time, I accomplish something good. Something new.

Cliché. Trust the process. You may have no idea what’s happening around you right now but you WILL surprise yourself. Of what you’re capable of doing.

Mistakes will happen, of course. Some can be corrected. Some can only be retouched. They’re necessary.

Only when you’ve become at peace with the absolute possibility of committing mistakes that you will be able to break through your current boundaries. As an artist. As a human being.

A fan of writing.